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Collectors Selling


Fine Art Advisory works on behalf of Collectors wishing to sell an artwork or a collection of artworks. We provide the following services to Collectors wishing to sell:


    Private & Discreet Art Sales




    Forensic Investigation & Authentication Reporting


    Art Appraisal & Valuation


    Condition Reporting


    High Resolution Imaging Solutions


When selling a work it is vital that the collector understands exactly what they are selling, and how their artwork(s) can be placed in a situation that will achieve them the best price. We advise on preparing the artwork for sale, the best method of selling the work, and produce a sales strategy that allows the seller to make the most effective decision for their situation.


If we are to manage the total sales process, we charge a market competitive commission fee of a percentage of the sales price agreed with a buyer. If you are looking for discretion and thorough due diligence, we provide sellers with an awareness of our process and details of whom we are approaching. We do not approach other private brokers or gallerists, only interested Collectors directly. For particular sales it is not uncommon for us to introduce you to interested Collectors directly.


We advise which selling method would most suit your artwork be this through an auction house or ourselves. We ensure that the process leading up to the point of sale runs as smoothly as possible for the seller, this includes assessing the terms of business and any contracts issued by the auction house and (if necessary) negotiating on your behalf. If you chose to sell your work through an auction house we provide you with a quote for the specific services required from us.


Selling an artwork when you have established essential provenance and authentication documentation allows Sellers to have as much control as possible when it comes to positioning their artwork in the market. Ultimately, this enables the Seller to have the stronger negotiation position regarding the commission taken by an auction house and you will also gain peace of mind that the valuation of the work is appropriate and realisable.


If you are a collector looking to sell and you would like to book an initial meeting to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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