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David Remsing Fine Arts

David Remsing Fine Arts  are private international fine art brokers and advisors that consult to and research on behalf of private, corporate and institutional collectors. Their primary focus is on 19th and 20th century European and American fine art. David Remsing Fine Arts was established in Zurich, Switzerland in 1988, consulting to some of the world's foremost privately held collections. Over the years he has expanded his knowledge in master plein-air painters from the Barbizone, impressionist and post impressionist. Through his continual education it was Fauvism that made a lasting impact as the first major avant-garde movement, which was recognized at the beginning of the 20th century. But even now over two decades later, his passion for the Fauves in France, the expressionism in Germany and the modern masters have provided a consistent inspiration that continues to inform his consultant practice. After returning to Los Angeles in 2001, Remsing continued to expand his knowledge of 20th century masters especially in the areas of expressions, surrealism, contemporary and Pop fine art.

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