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Collectors Buying

Fine Art Advisory facilitates the acquisition of artworks internationally for Collectors who wish to ensure the highest levels of due diligence, research, correct valuation and professional communication. We assist Collectors in acquiring artworks in the following ways:


    From Private, Corporate & Institutional Collections:


We work on Collectors specific briefs for particular periods, artists, even artworks and to specific budgetary considerations with regards to what they are seeking to add to their collections.


We source works through Private, Corporate & Institutional Collections providing thorough due diligence – provenance recovery, valuation, condition and authentication reporting and brokerage services to give Collectors peace of mind and knowledge of exactly what they are acquiring.


We do not use other dealers or third parties to discuss artworks held privately. We only discuss the artwork with their current owners. We work with Collectors to ensure the most effective communication can be achieved when a particular work is under discussion. It is not uncommon for us to introduce Collectors to private owners directly to achieve a successful result.


We guarantee full disclosure of pricing and all documents pertaining to the transaction. We consider ourselves unusual in the industry for ensuring that our clients are fully aware of these details.


    From Auction Houses:


When buying at auction Collectors need to have as much information as possible to understand as precisely as possible what they are buying in order to assess their bidding ceiling and also whether the work is worth the estimate provided by the auction house. Due to the nature of the auction business it is almost impossible to give each object auctioned in-depth analysis and appraisal. This means that estimates can be incorrect.


We would also like to stress that artworks at auction have rarely undergone forensic examination, this can leave open questions with regard to the authenticity of works, leaving the Collector at risk from costly future legal struggles.


We provide buyers with a provenance recovery and bespoke price indexing that provide a valuable insight into what they are looking to acquire. This is particularly useful when acquiring art from an artist whose past auction prices have a high degree of fluctuation.


If you are a collector looking to buy and you would like to book an initial meeting to discuss your requirements please contact us.




Denise Pickering, collector:

'Art is a sign of affluence; it belongs to the good life; it is part of the furnishings which the world gives to the rich and beautiful. But a work also suggests a cultural authority, a form of dignity, even of wisdom, which is superior to any vulgar material interest."


Walter J. Phillips:

"The true artist and the sane collector never will tolerate insincerity and impudence."

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