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Technical Catalogue Raisonne Production

Fine Art Advisory strongly promotes the production of 'Technical Catalogue Raisonnes. It is an efficient and effective way of enhancing the original Catalogue Raisonne format that has been used throughout the 20th Century to give authority to the authenticity of works of art listed within. Catalogue Raisonnes of the past only provided a scholarly interpretation of the artists technical application and commentary on the development of the artist's technique including the evolution of their signature.


As the art market continues to expand, the prices of particular artists are on a sharp rise and the appearance of forgeries has become more prolific. The industry has to take stronger action and has the opportunity to successfully combine the latest forensic investigation techniques, built on a secure scholarly basis and using legally robust protocols and reporting methods, with traditional art historical, biographical context and academic opinion. The industry owes the artists this. After all, they created their works not to be abused, but to be appreciated and attributed correctly. 


Adding a technical Catalogue Raisonne to the traditional Catalogue format will provide the most comprehensive document on the artist. This will work towards preventing the divergent academic opinion that has failed some artworks and plagued the industry. It would also serve to protect authentication bodies both now and in the future.

We are actively engaged in sourcing patrons to sponsor the production of Technical Catalogue Raisonnes. If you are an Artist Estate, Committee, Foundation or Catalogue Raisonne Producer and would like further information contact us directly.

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