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Research & Provenance Recovery

Fine Art Advisory offers in-depth research and provenance recovery for works of predominantly 19th & 20th Century Art, earlier works will be assessed and a provenance specialist assigned accordingly.


This service is suited to works that need their past history scrutinised for cataloguing or to position the artwork as effectively as possible for potential sale. Establishing the complete ownership, exhibition and literature history of a work of art is not only important for the marketability of the artwork, it can reveal new and enhanced information about individual artists, their artistic process and their movements as their careers developed. Information that is vital to the education of the art world, protecting and enhancing the legacy of the artist.


The collection of complete provenance data can have a significant impact on the monetary value of the artwork. By establishing when the artwork was created in the time line of the artists development of their originality, what the artwork depicts and the establishment of key and influential owners, initial estimates can be challenged.


We enjoy taking owners on the journey of their artwork's history, and revealing hidden aspects of artist's lives. Uncovering the full provenance provides the following benefits:


    Reduces the risk of misrepresentation of the artwork to the market


    Reduces the risk of incorrect estimates or insurance valuations


    Increases the owners knowledge and appreciation


    Produces additional documents to support the artworks position


Our ability to research provenance, combined with the psychological understanding of artistic processes in conjunction with historical perspective, enables a comprehension beyond that of standard research, and serves to unlock understanding and direct research efforts in previously unexplored areas.


We provide copies of archival documents and written research reports to clients. To discuss your provenance research needs and to obtain a quote for our services contact us.


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