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High Resolution Imaging Solutions

Fine Art Advisory offers access to the latest imaging technology to provide clients with unsurpassed image quality for various applications:


    Archival 3D Cruse Scanning


PR and Marketing purposes. The scanning services are provided by our partner company who have been leading the way in pre-press for the last 30 years. They have a solid reputation of providing a successful world class digitisation to select heritage organisations, museums, galleries and artists.


Ability to use the scan for marketing purposes for auction house window display, by the production of a Fine Art Print that reveals a trueness to the original you cannot obtain from using photographic methods.


Digital files can be used for all print and digital media.


The sensitivity of the scanner can show up information which is hard to see with the human eye, this additional detailing can be used to assist research and provide a greater understanding the artists technique.


Imaging usually used for Condition and Authentication reporting purposes:


    Digital X-ray


Using the highest resolution digital x-ray system that is commercially available, images reveal the hidden surfaces within a painting including underdrawing and artist alterations. X-ray provide key information on the condition of a work and the changes it has undergone.


   Transmitted Infrared


This imaging technique is used to show up hidden features such as collection markings, artist or exhibition stamps, labels or hidden markings sealed behind relined paintings.


    Infrared reflectography


Provides high-resolution infrared images at multiple wavelengths, used in conjunction with X-ray these images enable a more in-depth understanding about the artist's creative process and application when developing a composition:


    Infrared reflectography Ultra-violet fluorescence


    Using to discover the presence of restoration / conservation work


    Ultra high-resolution Colour Imaging


    Ultra-high resolution exceeding 1000dpi is used to see finite detail and can be used to create part of an artworks 'passport' acting as a digital ID.

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