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Forensic Investigation & Authentication Reporting

Fine Art Advisory has relationships with some of the world's leading art forensic investigation companies that are founded on a secure scholarly base. The experts that we use have many years of international experience providing legally robust scientific reports that have been used by private, corporate and institutional clients for a variety of purposes:


    To clarify Authenticity and Attribution.


    To build Technical Catalogue Raisonnes for effective protection of Artists legacies and strengthen the authority of Artist Estates,

    Committees and Foundations.


    To provide conservationists with the most thorough analysis of structure and materials to continue to inform their practices.


    To increase our awareness and understanding of artistic practice, process and application.


We refer our clients to the laboratory and experts we know to have the best data-set to assist with particular artists under investigation.


Working in the environment of the unregulated art market, where prices are high and fakes prolific, there is a need to develop clear analysis protocols, procedures and reporting methods that can be relied upon and incorporated into leading academic art historical opinion. Over time, this strengthens the possibility to manage the risks that pure connoisseurship poses to Art Collectors, the Artworks and the Artists themselves

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