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Art Appraisal & Valuation

Fine Art Advisory offers collectors the opportunity to have their 19th & 20th century artworks appraised and valued. Appraising or assessing the value of works of art is necessary in a variety circumstances. The most common valuations are for collectors thinking of buying or selling artworks from a particular artist or period and wish to be made aware of current fair market value. We use the latest industry data to demonstrate the value of the artwork. We can also provide clients with valuation charts for specified artists over a defined period of time if you are looking to acquire or deaccession art as part of your investment strategy.


Art appraisals and valuations are also carried out for legal reasons; for tax purposes, insurance and collection management purposes or where art is either donated or is part of an estate. Insurance claims or lawsuits arising over art that is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed also require professional valuations. A less common instance where art appraisals are necessary is when a seller deliberately misrepresents art to a buyer, and the buyer seeks a full refund and/or damages based on what was paid for the art.


If you require our appraisal or valuation services contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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