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Fine Art Advisory
International art advisors of 19th and 20th century fine art
Zurich / London / Beverly Hills

FAA is a fine art advisory and research firm developed by David Remsing Fine Arts. Fine Art Advisory provides a complete and thorough services in 19th & 20th century European and American fine art. Working together Remsing and Associates have over thirty years experience in the specialist fields of Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Fauvism, Pre-war German Expressionism, Modernism Surrealism, American Post-War including Contemporary and Pop Art. Remsing is now set to grow the legacy of research and client relations originally established in Zurich, Switzerland in 1988. The need for transparency, clarity of authenticity in the industry and along with conservation couldn’t not be any more apparent considering the record prices of lots being sold at auctions worldwide.


      Looking after Collectors as the art market develops


Through education; Growing the business in alignment with industry developments, our core business is still rooted in thorough research. We share our research discoveries with our clients to enhance their knowledge about a particular artist, a genre, challenges to provenance, conservation and authentication considerations.


      Thorough risk management & effective decision making


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with every opportunity to acquire effective information about artworks they are considering selling or acquiring. This allows them to minimise their risk, make effective decisions during the buying and sales process.


      Our core service offerings are                                                            


Private Art Sales                                                                             
Bespoke Art Sourcing & Tracking                                                   
Legally Robust Forensic Investigation & Authentication Reporting Provenance Research
Art Appraisal & Valuation
Condition Reporting & Conservation
High Resolution Imaging Solutions


      Our main clients are


Art Collectors
Art Banking
Art Funds
Auction Houses
Art Insurance Providers

Art Law Practitioners



Artist Estates, Committees, Foundations and Catalogue Raisonne Producers 

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