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Bespoke Art Sourcing & Tracking

Fine Art Advisory prides itself on working closely with leading Art Collectors and museum Curators in sourcing artworks directly from owners. We have built over the years an extensive database that tracks artworks as they migrate between private collections.


Collectors and Curators are always on the hunt for significant works of art to add to their collections or include in exciting new exhibitions planned for their institutions.


We work to specific briefs on behalf of art Collectors. Collectors briefs request particular artistic genres, artists or sometimes even specific artworks. Collectors budgetary considerations are also taken into account and we have an open dialogue to discuss our findings and suggest the most appropriate way forward. It is not uncommon for us to facilitate face to face meetings between collectors to openly discuss artworks and to greatly assist the probability of transactions between collections.


If you are a curator wishing to access a particular privately held work, we assist in referring you to our clients directly and, if necessary, discuss the opportunity of showcasing their artworks to the public.


Contact us directly if you are a Collector or Curator looking for that special artwork, please review our Sourced Artists page to see which artists we specialise in tracking and sourcing.

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